Make Your Own Cookie Cutter with 123D Design

Make Your Own Cookie Cutter with 123D Design


In this lesson, pupils will learn the basics of 123D Design and design their
own cookie cutter, a great introduction to 3D modelling and 3D printing.

This lesson could be tied into the study of:

Design & Technology (design process, Computer Aided Design
& Manufacturing), Art & Design (sketching and drawing skills).

All of our lessons are designed to be flexible for all ages, so duration 
and difficulty level can be adjusted to suit your class.

A huge thanks to 2052 for developing this lesson!


Design a simple building cookie cutter and
learn basic principles of CAD modelling.

Turn digital 3D CAD models into physical
models using 3D printing.

Begin to understand the broader uses of
3D modelling and printing.


Pupils should use 123D Design to model a structurally sound cookie cutter to be 3D printed.

Pupils should try out and learn the different modelling
tools available in the software.

Pupils should consider the applications of CAD
software and what else they could use it to design.


Teachers Guide

Lesson Plan

Step-by-step Presentation

Instruction Sheets

Exercise Sheets

Equipment List


3D Printer with SD card

PLA Filament


CAD software

External mouse

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