Design Your Own Pavilion With CAD

Design Your Own Pavilion With CAD


In this lesson, pupils will learn design, drawing and CAD skills.
Looking at all the stages from taking a hand drawn sketch to a digital
3D drawing and then a 3D printer model, this is the perfect way to see
what its like to be a designer-architect and could tie in to a great
research project!

This lesson could be tied into the study of:

Design & Technology (design process, Computer Aided Design &
Manufacturing), Art & Design (sketching and drawing skills), Urban
Planning, Maths (elevations, orthographic 4-view drawing)

All of our lessons are designed to be flexible for all ages, so duration 
and difficulty level can be adjusted to suit your class.

A huge thanks to Kidesign for developing this lesson.

And if you ever needed any more convincing, Kidesign is currently
running Build your own Pavilion workshops with the Serpentine Galleries 
and a UK-wide competition for 8-14 year olds. Get involved!



Create by following the basic steps of a design process.

Design a simple building and learn basic principles of building structures.

Sketch a simple building using orthographic 4-view drawing methods.

Transform analogue sketches into a digital model using CAD.

Turn digital 3D CAD models into physical models using 3D printing.


Pupils to make design decisions on functionality and aesthetic.

Pupils to replicate their sketches in 3D CAD as closely as possible.

Pupils to work well together in teams.


Teachers Guide

Lesson Plan


Instruction Sheets

Exercise Sheets

Equipment List


3D Printer with SD card

PLA Filament


CAD software

External mouse

Orthographic 4-view drawing sheets

Pencils (HB or B)