About Makerversity DIY

Designed with teachers, for teachers

Makerversity DIY is a pioneering set of hands-on lessons created by Makerversity (and our friends) for teachers and students everywhere. Our simple, downloadable lesson plans are mapped to core subjects and offer teachers exciting ways to bring making activities into the classroom. Each lesson contains a teacher’s guide, lesson plan, step-by-step  presentation for the classroom, as well as instruction sheets, exercise sheets and kit lists, all linked in to learning outcomes and success criteria for pupils. Every lesson is simple to deliver even if some skills are as new to you as a teacher as they are to your pupils.


New Skills, Core Subjects

Our first ten lessons encourage students to work together in teams to gain knowledge across maths, science and creative subjects. Our aim is to make teaching existing lessons more exciting and to build new skills from simple electronics to growing plants in the process.

Our first ten lessons enable anyone, anywhere to make their own ‘high tech’ classrooms and digital tools for learning. Lessons include building your own workbench or stool and making your own learning tools, like a microscope. Lessons are all designed to be run in an hour and are aligned with targets and learning objectives.

Empowering Students

We believe in empowering students as much as possible. This means giving them the chance to dictate how and where they learn. Our curriculum enables learners to create and customise their own learning environments as well as learn by making. Build your own desk? Sure! Make your own microscope? Why not!

The Power of Making

We are excited by the transformative power of hands-on learning. People learn in different ways, and often being hands-on can suit students better than a more academic approach. Equally, making encourages learners to test, try and learn through iterations and problem-solving. Makerversity DIY makes it easy to excite and educate learners of all abilities, and affordably too.

Our Partners

We’re lucky to be supported by some great organisations. If you’d like to work with us too, please get in touch.

Special thanks go to St Alban’s CofE Primary school, Farringdon, staff at Phoenix Primary School, Southwark and the i.am.angel Foundation, Los Angeles for their support in creating Makerversity DIY.